Toddler Bed


Very cute pink toddler bed.


White Grand Piano


Beautiful Suzuki HG-500e Grande Ensemble for only $3,500.

Great graduation gift for the aspiring musician.

The Grand Piano has been regarded as a symbol of elegance and sophistication throughout the ages. At the hands of a master, its classic styling and impressive sounds inspired audiences everywhere. But what a price there was to pay. Large, heavy, expensive and always in need of tuning and maintenance, it isn’t hard to see why only a privileged few could afford such luxury.

But now, Suzuki brings you the Digital Grand Piano with more flexibility, no maintenance and less cost than any other instrument of its kind. You can expect only the grandest of experiences with the new HG-500e, as 21st Century technology and the piano maker’s art are combined. Beautiful deluxe matching storage bench is included.